• Bursary Information

    Chamber Executives of Ontario is committed to your Professional Development.

    Bursary Award Guidelines and How to Apply
    The Board of Directors of CEO is pleased to offer a limited number of bursaries up to a maximum of $500 for our Annual Conference. Funds for Bursaries are provided through the generous donation of CEO Members to our Silent Auction at Conference: please remember to bring a Silent Auction item. 
    •       CEO Member Applicants must be in good standing (having paid their individual annual Member dues as either an Executive or Associate Member of CEO)
    •       Applicants must attach their most recent Year End Financial Statements. 
    •       Deadline:
    Applications are closed for the 2022 conference. 
    Preference for bursaries may be given to: 
    •       Chambers/Boards of Trade with a Demonstrated Financial Need, and/or;  Small Chambers/Boards of Trade, and/or;
    •       First Time Participants. 
    Note: In the case of numerous submissions, consideration may be given to applications according to the order in which they are received. 
    How to Apply
    •       Please email your application letter (no longer than 600 words) to the Chair of CEO. Clearly state why the bursary is needed and how taking part in Conference will benefit you and your Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade. 
    •       Address applications to CEO Chair Brenda Whitehead at brenda@porthopechamber.com using Subject Line: CEO BURSARY APPLICATION
    •Recipients are expected to pay upfront for Conference registration and accommodation.
    •A recipient must attend and engage in the full conference to be awarded the bursary. 
    •Bursaries are awarded at a maximum value of $500. 
    •The bursary is presented to the bursary recipient on the last day of the conference.  
    •Should a recipient be unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, efforts are made for their registration to be refunded and no bursary is awarded. Should they cancel their registration under ordinary circumstances but after the cancellation deadline, no refund is processed, and no bursary is awarded. 
    •CEO reserves the right to not award any bursaries from submissions received. CEO Members can apply once every five years. Under extraordinary circumstances and/or at the discretion of CEO, subsequent submissions after a successful bursary application could be reconsidered after 3 years. 
  • November 2019 Bursary Recipient

    Linda Branderhorst, General Manager, Simcoe & District Chamber of Commerce

    Attending the Chamber Executives of Ontario conference was a pleasure.   As promised, it provided me with an opportunity to network with colleagues, many of whom share similar events, strategies and challenges.    It was wonderful to learn best practices throughout the province and be able to come back to the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce with practical solutions to run with.    Without the bursary, I would not have had the chance to attend and meet this great team of professionals all working towards a common goal.   Thank you, Chamber Executives of Ontario!
  • February 2019 Bursary Recipient

    Julie Campbell

    Greater Arnprior Chamber of Commerce

    "I attended my first Chamber Executives of Ontario Conference in my second year at the Greater Arnprior Chamber of Commerce. I regret not knowing about this organization sooner! My colleagues were extremely welcoming, and eager to share resources.
    It was amazing to connect with other Chambers and especially comforting to find out that many are facing the same challenges. As a part of CEO, I feel like the answer to my question is just a phone call away! I highly recommend this conference for all Chamber Staff."