8:30am: Registration Desk Opens
    Meet and Greet Coffee and Cookies reception
    9am: Welcome to the Conference ~ Let's Build our A Team
    9:15am: Build Your Accounts - Chamber Travel as Non-Dues Revenue - CitsLinc
    9:30am: Build Your Advantage ~ Understand the Rules of the Game
    There are so many policies, rules and foundational documents Chambers 
    need to be successful. Let's Chat about the MUST HAVE ones for each 
    Chamber and discover who has good ones to "borrow".
     •Brenda Whitehead - Port Hope and District Chamber of Commerce
     •Sally Litchfield - Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce
    10:30am: Break - Please visit our Exhibitors
    10:50am: Build Your Alignment - The Board is your Ally (Hybrid Session)
    We all aspire to have fully aware, awake and able Board members - 
    and we need to know the best way to keep them that way. We will 
    explore building amicable Board relationships that will make us all 
    more attune to working with them not for or against them.
    •Tracy MacGregor - Ontario Chamber of Commerce
    12pm: Lunch Break – "Pick Your Brain" Table Game
    Subject matter experts will be stationed at tables for attendees to circulate 
    and ask whatever questions they have to gather the tools and information 
    needed to advance our orgs and achieve excellence.
    1:15pm: Build Your Affinity Program - Chamber Plan Update by Brett Tanner
    1:30pm: Build your Advantage - Who do we want on our Team?
    Every community has associates, allies and authentic partnerships that will 
    help the Chamber advance their goals. Listen in and have a chat 
    with communities that have accomplished agreeable affiliations.
    •Nancy Allanson - Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce
    •Allan Lafontaine - Orillia Chamber of Commerce
    •Mishka Balsom - Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce
    •Jill Raycroft - Belleville Chamber of Commerce
    2:45pm: Wrap up and summary of the day
    3:30pm-10pm: Build Your Allegiances - Activate the Chamber Network
    Bus departs the hotel entrance for tour and dinner destination - Be prepared to play 
    some games en-route thanks to HR Covered that will amaze, amuse and affirm how 
    awesome the Chamber Network is. Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers will 
    provide a tour of the greenhouse facilities and we will learn about the agriculture industry 
    and celebrate how important food is.
    Cocktails/Reception and dinner to follow, fully celebrating farm to table with our hosts 
    from the Chatham-Kent and Leamington Chambers of Commerce.
    DAY TWO: Tuesday, November 15, 2022
    9am: Welcome to Day Two
    9:15am: Build Your Authenticity - Be Creative
    A short address from a Chatham-Kent entrepreneur sharing their story of creative and 
    meaningful efforts to showcase their business while supporting local causes. It’s a win for 
    everyone - the business, its employees and the community.
    9:45: Build Your Awareness - OLG in the Community
    10am: Build Your Ability - Rapid-Fire Leadership from Game Masters (Hybrid Session)
    A quick 40-minute session filled with perceptive advice, insightful chamber acumen and 
    astute observations, that are reflective of years of experience across a variety 
    of industries and roles.
    •David Prang - Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant
    •Gail Hundt - Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce
    •Scott McCammon - Milton Chamber of Commerce
    •Keitha Robson - Timmins Chamber of Commerce
    11am: Build Your Accounts - Take 2 - Presented by Indus Travel
    11:05am: Break
    11:30am: Build Your Advocacy - How loud a player are you? (Hybrid Session)
    Chambers have a responsibility to be a voice for businesses. It can be a difficult road to
    follow - especially if resources, capacity and focus are lacking. Listen in as chamber leaders
    talk about what they do and how they handle being leaders in the world of advocacy.
    •Suzanne Renken - Tillsonburg Chamber of Commerce
    •Suzanne Andrews - Quinte West Chamber of Commerce
    •Cameron Grant - Timmins Chamber
    •Rory Ring - Sault Ste Marie Chamber
    12:30pm: Lunch Break - Table Topics Sharing
    Enjoy your lunch while sharing info and ideas on specific table topics. Topics may 
    include, but are not limited to: Non-Dues Revenue, Membership Metrics, CRM Systems,
    Events, Program Development, Strategic Planning, and Productivity.
    2pm: Build your Association - Membership Retention vs Recruitment (Hybrid Session)
    Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade are not for profit, 
    membership-driven associations.In these times of change and new norms we 
    have to stay focused on the members while addressing the business community
    and seeking to grow. How do we do that?
    Where do we start? We don't want to just acclimate what we do - we want to be 
    better than average, authoritative and articulate - so we can grow.
    Robert Seguin from Thrive Partnership Group is ready to challenge us all 
    to bring our "A" game to the membership table so we can all thrive!
    3:15pm: Wrap up and finish